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  Guardian Independent Certification (GICG) is committed to providing a professional independent service in the field of management System Certification. Our mission is to add value to customers by demonstrating that their systems and processes are effective and fully comply with all relevant standards.
  GICG operates in accordance with the requirements set out in ISO 17021 and current International Forum Guides and is committed to maintaining and expanding internationally recognized accreditation of its products. We believe in regularly reviewing and refining our processes to promote an environment for continual improvement of performance.
  GICG的运营依据ISO 17021规定的要求和现行的国际论坛指南。GICG致力于保持和扩大自身产品的国际认可认证。我们相信,通过定期评定和改善我们的过程,可以提升持续改进性能的环境。

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